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What happens next?

Silver Package

       We’ll contact you via your preferred method of contact, then:

  • Once all the event details have been confirmed,we’ll send you an invoice including the required deposit amount.
  • Once the deposit has been paid, we’ll confirm and finalize your booking.
  • Confirmation: We’ll get in touch with you a week prior to the event with a summary of the event
  • Final payment can be made to your artist(s) at the start of your event.

Gold Package (corporate events)


  • Be assured we have experience with corporate events and we follow Companies Guidelines. Deposits are usually not required or needed.

Once we have received all the information for the event, we will send an invoice and a calendar notification to have the  most up to date notifications.


Requirements for Clients

We’ll make sure that your face painter has everything they need to provide you with exceptional face painting services, but there are some things that we need from you.

Day event

Please ensure the face painter is set up under shade/is not in direct sunlight, to ensure that your guests are comfortable.

Evening event

Our face painting artists will be equipped with their own light however, they will require an outlet in close proximity

Music/ Noise

Our face painting artists need to engage with your guests, so please ensure that they are set up at least 8 feet away from the event speakers.


Deposits are not refundable to ensure that both the customer and artist are committed to the event.

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